Dennis Lim

Software Development

I am a seasoned software engineering professional with extensive experience in backend and frontend development. My expertise spans across various platforms and languages, including Kotlin, Node.js, Kubernetes (K8S), React, ReactNative, and Flutter. Throughout my career, I have successfully led engineering teams, overseen large-scale projects, and developed innovative applications for both mobile and web environments. Notably, I was appointed CTO during a pivotal spinoff from Skelter Labs, where I managed and expanded key products such as Kyte and Playwings, enhancing their functionality and user engagement.In my role as CTO, I was responsible for writing design documents, developing systems to meet specific requirements, and collaborating closely with Marketing, Sales, and Customer Support teams. I supervised and structured engineering teams of over 20 developers, optimizing resource allocation and estimating project deadlines to ensure timely delivery. Prior to my tenure as CTO, I served as a Senior Software Engineer at Skelter Labs, where I led the Kyte Team to achieve significant milestones, including over 200k downloads across mobile platforms, and spearheaded the development of IoT applications and a blockchain-based dApp. My experience with cutting-edge technologies and leadership in diverse tech domains has equipped me with a robust skill set to drive innovation and excellence in software engineering.

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