Sundar Raman Nagarajan

Automotive Engineering

Sundar Raman Nagarajan is an Automotive Engineering Fellow at Open Avenues Foundation, where he works with students leading projects in Automotive Engineering.

Sundar is an Automotive Collision Engineer at Forensic Rock where he works on accident reconstruction analysis, analysis of ADAS testing of vehicles and regularly conducts vehicle inspections, downloads data related to crashes from vehicles, prepare technical reports etc. Sundar has 4.5+ years of experience in automotive crash analysis. Sundar worked as a CAE Engineer for 3 years with Renault Nissan Automotive in India, primarily dealing with crash simulation and analysis of Nissan vehicles.

He holds a master's degree in automotive engineering from Kettering University, Michigan.

He is a FAA certified commercial drone pilot and enjoys sightseeing with his wife during his free time.

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