Vera Schroeder


Vera Schroeder is a Partner and Investment Committee Member at Safar Partners. Vera brings broad experience in the fields of chemistry, nanoscience and materials science to the Safar team. As a graduate student, she worked in the laboratory of Professor Tim Swager at MIT focused on carbon-nanotube based chemical sensing. While at MIT, she also spent her time at Sloan and HBX learning about venture creation and strategy as well as interning at MP Healthcare Venture Management fund. She holds a BS and MS in Chemistry from RWTH Aachen University and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from MIT. She also acts as a Global Talent Fellow at the Open Avenues Foundation where she develops and leads technology transfer products, helping students gain skills that are valued in spinning out technology companies from universities. Vera serves as a Board Director on the Boards of Concerto Biosciences, Ancilia Biosciences, and 2Pi Optics.

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