Zoe Jiang

Mechanical Engineering

Zoe Jiang is a Mechanical Engineering Fellow at Open Avenues Foundation, where she works with students leading projects in Mechanical Engineering.

Zoe Jiang is a Research Scientist at Spear Bio where she works on developing and optimizing workflow and platform of ultrasensitive immunoassays using SPEAR technique. Zoe Jiang has more than 9 years of experience in developing point-of-care medical devices using lateral flow immunoassay or electrochemical biosensors, microfluidic devices as well as fabrication and design of microneedle arrays for human dermal interstitial fluid sampling.

Before joining Spear Bio, Zoe Jiang has worked at Michigan State University as undergraduate research assistant, and graduate research assistant focusing on development and fabrication of wearable skin patch for detection malaria PfHRP2 in dermal interstitial fluid (ISF). After graduated from her Ph.D. degree at MSU, she joined Rice University, and had worked as a Postdoctoral Research Associate for almost 3 years focusing on development and fabrication of human dermal ISF sampling device and wearable skin patch for protein detection in human dermal ISF.

She holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Two fun facts about Zoe Jiang: 1. She loves hot pot and can have hot pot every day.  2. Her favorite dog breed is French Bulldogs.

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