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We support immigrant entrepreneurs in inspiring and educating future leaders, fostering innovation that contributes to widespread growth and progress.


Our journey began within the vibrant halls of Boston University, sparked by a group of students united by a vision. We saw firsthand the hurdles faced by immigrant and refugee entrepreneurs — a talented, ambitious group in dire need of a support network to bring their business dreams to life. Armed with our business acumen and entrepreneurial zeal, we embarked on creating a haven for these visionaries.

Now, DREAM Venture Labs stands as a beacon of hope and innovation. We're not just a team; we're a movement of entrepreneurs driven to make a difference. We pair budding business owners with student advisors and consultants from across Boston's universities. These bright minds lend their expertise in marketing, product development, distribution, and more, all to elevate our DREAM Members' ventures.​

At DREAM Venture Labs, we're crafting a global community where the unique talents of migrant and refugee entrepreneurs are not only recognized but also nurtured to their full potential.

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