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GitHub Gems: Driving Open-Source Investments With Data
Ed Sioufi
Ed Sioufi
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GitHub Gems: Driving Open-Source Investments With Data

Build a data analytics pipeline to unveil trending open-source projects on GitHub, guiding venture capitalists (VC analysts) to smarter investment decisions.

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8 weeks, 2-3 hours per week
No experience required
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Degree and experience required


As companies increasingly depend on vast data volumes for strategic decisions, analysts face the challenge of managing an overwhelming array of tables and data sources not tailored to their needs, leading to repetitive tasks and inconsistencies in analysis due to varied methodologies. In this Build Project, you'll take on the role of a Data Engineer, embarking on a mission to streamline the process for VC analysts by leveraging GitHub data to spotlight emerging open-source technology trends that could signal lucrative investment opportunities. Under the supervision of an experienced industry expert, you’ll develop, configure, and maintain a system designed to periodically fetch, store, and refine Github data, making it readily accessible and useful for data analysts. All this will unfold in a setting that mirrors the real-world operations of a data-driven organization, providing you with practical experience and insights into the challenges and solutions in managing and analyzing large datasets for strategic decision-making.

Session timeline

  • Applications open
    March 11, 2024
  • Application deadline
    April 7, 2024
  • Project start date
    Week of July 8, 2024
    Week of
    April 22, 2024
  • Project end date
    Week of

What you will learn

  • Design and implement efficient data pipelines that streamline analytics, significantly reducing manual effort and enabling deeper insights.
  • Utilize dbt (data build tool) for advanced data transformation, applying software engineering best practices like modularity, version control, and testing to ensure scalability and reliability.
  • Leverage Airflow for sophisticated data orchestration, including incremental loading techniques, to efficiently manage and automate data workflows.
  • Use SQL and Python for sophisticated data manipulation and analysis, preparing for complex data science challenges in real-world scenarios.
Build Projects are 8-week experiences that operate on a rolling basis. Selected participants engage in weekly live workshops with a Build Fellow and 2-15 other students.

Project workshops

Introductions, deliverables, and initial setup
User requirements and initial design
Data Ingestion and Staging Layer
Data Transformation Logic
Optimizing and Refactoring Transformations
Data Loading Automation with Airflow
Incremental Data Loading
Documentation and Presentation


  • Interest in data engineering and tackling big data challenges, demonstrating a keenness to dive into the complexities of managing and analyzing large datasets effectively.  
  • Familiarity with Python syntax, loops, conditions, functions, and the ability to write simple scripts.
  • Fundamental grasp of SQL and relational databases: Ability to construct basic queries to select, filter, join, insert, and update data in a relational database, along with a basic understanding of database design principles and normalization.
  • Introductory knowledge of data manipulation and analysis using pandas: Comfort with loading, inspecting, and manipulating datasets in pandas.
  • Initial exposure to data visualization techniques: Some experience with using libraries like matplotlib or seaborn to create basic plots and charts.
  • Soft skills: Curiosity, willingness to learn, and the ability to work collaboratively in a team environment.

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About the expert
Ed Sioufi
's Linkedin

Edouard Sioufi is a Software Development Fellow at Open Avenues Foundation based in San Francisco, California.

He currently works as Senior Data Engineer at BigLittleRobots and has been writing code since he was 13 years old. Originally from Lebanon, Ed holds advanced degrees in Computer Engineering. In his free time, he enjoys jazz music and reading philosophy.

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Ed Sioufi
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