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Industrial Fermentation for Next Gen Sustainable Bioproducts
Priya Sengupta
Priya Sengupta
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Industrial Fermentation for Next Gen Sustainable Bioproducts

Understand the principles of industrial fermentation and how it is crucial to develop the next generation of bio-based cleaner and greener fuels and consumer products. Gain valuable insights in biomanufacturing and propose a roadmap at the end of the build project for bio-ethanol production.

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8 weeks, 2-3 hours per week
No experience required
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Degree and experience required


Industrial fermentation plays a significant role in reaching the U.S ambitious net-zero emissions economy by 2050 by enabling production of sustainable alternative to fuels and chemicals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The industry needs qualified scientists, associate scientists, research associates and engineers now more than ever.

In this Build Project, you will wear the hat of a Fermentation Scientist and develop a roadmap for bio-ethanol production using industrial fermentation. Under the supervision of an experienced industry expert, you will visualize various fermentation process parameters, understand the trends over time, and calculate metrics to identify the areas of improvement to increase key performance metrics like yield and productivity to make a process more economic and profitable. You will become familiar with different fermentation types, equipment, culture media, microbes etc. for different end applications. All this will happen in an environment that simulates the operations of a real bioprocess development team.

Session timeline

  • Applications open
    March 11, 2024
  • Application deadline
    April 7, 2024
  • Project start date
    Week of July 8, 2024
    Week of
    April 29, 2024
  • Project end date
    Week of

What you will learn

· Understand the concept of fermentation and its evolution over the years into industrial fermentation to manufacture bio-based fuels and chemicals.

· Familiarize with the types of fermentations, equipment, culture media, host micro-organisms.

· Visualize, analyze and interpret simulated fermentation data in a ms-excel environment and identify and calculate the key performance indicators.

· Develop critical thinking, analytical, presentation and communication skills.

Build Projects are 8-week experiences that operate on a rolling basis. Selected participants engage in weekly live workshops with a Build Fellow and 2-15 other students.

Project workshops

Introductions & Project Overview
Introduction to the Science of Biomanufacturing and the Crucial Role of Fermentation
Industrial Fermentation: Science & Technology - I
Industrial Fermentation: Science & Technology - II
Understanding of Microbial Culture
Fermentation Data Analysis
Fermentation Key Performance Indicators
Final Presentation and Future Avenues to Explore


· Knowledge of arithmetic: basic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division along with an understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages

· Knowledge of algebra: Basic concepts such as equations, inequalities, functions and graphing

· Basic understanding of general chemistry including some understanding of chemical reactions, solutions, concept of pH, basic thermodynamics.

· An understanding of unicellular organisms like bacteria and yeast

· An interest in biotech, chemical processes

· Critical thinking and research mindset needed for the deliverables of various sessions

· Curiosity and willingness to learn

· Communication: Should be willing and able to express themselves

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About the expert
Priya Sengupta
's Linkedin

Priya Sengupta is a Chemical Engineering Fellow at Open Avenues Foundation, where she works with students leading projects in Chemical Engineering.

Priya is a Fermentation Scientist at Lygos where she works on early-stage and late-stage process development of bioproduction of organic acids via fermentation.

Priya has 7 years of experience in the field of fermentation. Prior to that she was working as a Fermentation Scientist and Team Lead at Huue where she was leading early stage process development of bio-based textile dye indigo.

She holds a PhD degree in Chemical and Environmental Engineering.

A fun fact about Priya: She can speak 8+ languages spoken in India.