Alice Ballard-Rossiter


Alice Ballard Rossiter is a Finance Fellow at Open Avenues Foundation and the Director of Business Strategy and Growth for Wincast, an early-stage start-up that builds software for the world’s biggest sports leagues, advertisers and video game companies.

Alice grew up in England and became fascinated by how finance, innovation and new technologies dominated current affairs. After studying engineering, business and entrepreneurship at Stanford, she has worked at top global firms across investment banking, hedge funds, and venture capital, specializing in the technology sector.

As an Investment Banker, Alice worked directly with fortune 500 public companies and fast-growing start-ups on everything from mergers and acquisitions to strategic advisory. In Hedge Funds, Alice learned how to analyze the stock market, launching investment portfolios and analyzing technology and media stocks such as Spotify, EA Sports, Disney, Salesforce and Microsoft. As a venture capitalist, Alice worked with top silicon valley entrepreneurs and start-ups disrupting the tech industry.

Wanting to build something exciting of her own, Alice joined Wincast, an early-stage sports tech start-up that works with sports leagues (e.g. NBA, UEFA , F1 Racing), live sports advertisers (e.g. Heineken, Nike), videogame developers and blockchain ecosystems.

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