Dáire Boylan

Market Research

Dáire Boylan is a Market Research Build Fellow at Open Avenues, where he works with students leading projects in market research.

Dáire is a Solutions Lead at Vaultree where he works on sales, marketing, and business development. Dáire has several years of years of experience in market research. He has significant international experience having lived and worked in Sydney, New York, the Cayman Islands, and San Francisco.

He most recently worked for the Trade Development and Venture Capital Arm of the Irish Government as a Business Development Manager. Here he was responsible for the growth, commercialization, and scaling of portfolio companies in the US market. Dáire worked specifically in the connectivity ecosystem, covering telecommunications, IoT, electronics, AR/VR, and sports-technology companies.

Dáire holds a degree in Business Studies.

A fun fact about Dáire: he speaks the Irish language (Gaeilge), is one of six children, and has played competitive sports all of his life.

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