Laura Tociu

Data Science

I'm a full stack data scientist with a background in computational sciences, having earned my Ph.D. in the field. My journey into the realm of data science was born from a deep-seated curiosity about the intricacies of the world and a passion for unraveling its mysteries. Initially driven by a thirst for scientific understanding, I transitioned into leveraging my skills to tackle real-world challenges. Along the way, I taught myself coding and immersed myself in various data science courses, honing my expertise to navigate complex data landscapes.

Currently, I thrive in the dynamic environment of an ecommerce/deals website, where I apply my knowledge to classify and perform sentiment analysis on user comments. My role extends to ensuring data integrity through rigorous validation processes. Delving deep into data problems is not just a profession for me; it's a relentless pursuit that fuels my drive to make meaningful impacts through insightful analysis and innovative solutions.

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