Bud Khurelbaatar


My name is Bud Khurelbaatar, and I am originally from Mongolia. My academic journey in finance began at San Francisco State University, where I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Initially, I was interested in pursuing law, but on my dad’s recommendation, I shifted my focus to accounting. He pointed out that it better suited my love for detail, my need for order, and my comfort with numbers. In hindsight, choosing accounting was a decision I am grateful for; it has been the right path for me.  

Outside of my professional responsibilities, I take immense pleasure in exploring the great outdoors. Riding my road bike along challenging trails, hiking through peaceful landscapes, and camping under the open sky are excellent ways for me to relax and recharge.  

Professionally, I am currently employed as an accountant at a healthcare provider company, where my daily responsibilities include meticulous financial analysis, managing accounts payable (AP) and receivable (AR), conducting bank reconciliations, preparing income statements and balance sheets, and handling payroll. This role presents both challenges and satisfaction, allowing me to apply my skills in practical scenarios that contribute to the company's success and stability.

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