Sonu Gupta

Software Development

Sonu Gupta is a Software Development Build Fellow at Open Avenues, where he works with students leading projects in software development.

Sonu Gupta is a Software Engineer at Catchpoint Systems, where he develops and optimizes softwares that enhances the reliability and performance of the Internet.

Sonu Gupta has 8+ years of experience in software development. His work includes developing end-user perspective monitoring and observability platforms and various products such as Network Monitoring Software and Website Monitoring Software. He has successfully led several projects, developing novel solutions that have improved the performance and efficiency of web applications. His expertise in various programming languages and frameworks has enabled him to create robust, scalable, efficient, and user-friendly software solutions.

He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science.

A fun fact: I am an avid hiker and camper who dreams of visiting all the National Parks in the USA, combining my love for nature with my passion for travel.

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